Yoel Romero suddenly announced his farewell to the UFC

The news that No. 1 senior general in the middle class Yoel Romero said goodbye to UFC was one of the most surprising news today.
On the morning of December 5, reporter Ariel Helwani from ESPN suddenly announced that Yoel Romero and UFC had officially “everyone’s way”, ending the Cuban senior’s 7 years with the tournament.

This information was revealed by Romero’s manager Malki Kawa to ESPN, although there are still 3 matches in the contract with the UFC, but “The Soldier of God” still proceeded to liquidate the contract.
“Even though we did Romero’s journey at the UFC didn’t end like this.” – shared management Malki Kawa. “But we also want to say thanks to the opportunity that President Dana White and his colleagues gave Romero over the years. He is ready for new opportunities, the team is also in discussion with several tournaments. other.”
Joining UFC in 2013, Yoel Romero is one of the top boxers with the highest technical, physical and competitive ability of the tournament.
Although much older than his peers, the 43-year-old at the present time is still an absolute threat to opponents of the same weight class. In the last match at UFC 248, Romero had a battle with Israel mid-ranking defending champion Adesanya – something many other punches could not do.
However, the danger of Romero somewhat hindered his path at the UFC when he was judged as a “less profitable, much harm” opponent. Because “Warrior of God” is not a pay-per-view star, but full of risks when confronted.