WWE Champion Drew McIntyre make caution about the challenge of Conor McGregor

Drew McIntyre, who is now the incumbent WWE championship, warns Conor McGregor of his intention to challenge the venerable president Vince McMahon.
Challenging the WWE president Vince McMahon is the latest news that Conor McGregor – UFC superstar brings to the audience. Of course, it is not surprising to hear a shocking statement like that from “The Notorious”, as this act is considered to be on clear purpose of him to draw people attention.

However, the incumbent WWE champion Drew McIntyre did not consider Conor’s words to be a joke. Even more seriously, McIntyre has directly warned Conor about his shocking intention.
“This “big guy” Conor McGregor is trying to set up a match with the 70-year-old man. You can’t even beat an old man in a bar, so you can not stand a chance against Vince. ” – McIntyre wrote on Twitter.

“ You’re just the latest guy thinking he can have his PR team stick my title on his shoulder & walk into our world. Stick to whiskey McTapper. ”, Drew posted on his Twitter.
Winning the WWE title in early 2020, Drew McIntyre is the incumbent champion of the world’s largest boxing tournament. The Scottish wrestler defeated 6 opponents, including the most famous champion Brock Lesnar in an important match to gain the most precious title at WrestlerMania 36.

It can be seen that Conor McGregor’s “invitation” to WWE has not only attracted the attention of MMA fans.