‘Wonderboy’ Stephen Thompson offers the Israel present champion Adesanya a competing challenge

First time offering the determination to be upranked, will Stephen Thompson stand any chances of gaining victory like other middle-level collegues.

Used to be considered as the most skillful striker throughout the history of UFC, “Wonderboy” Stephen Thompson featured the most impressive Karate skill – American kickboxing style. This is rarely seen in such a large-scale tournament like MMA. However, until now Thompson is still considered as an unique boxer who featured something special but not the quality of a champion.

Stuck in Welterweight, down-ranked in comparison with others in the race of gaining precious belt, however, Stephen Thompson does not cross out the capability of upranking like other boxers.

“I used to think that if I am offered the chance to gain precious championship belt and Robert Whittaker still maintained his position, upranking would be something not out of reach.” – Thompson revealed.

However, in comparison with other Welterweight boxers while upranking themselves, Thompson is not a really vigorous, muscular boxer. This is also the reason that caused his hesistation before trying himself in different new levels.

“I had to admit that not all Welterweight boxers feature vigorous appearance, the normal weight of me is just 190, 195 lbs. Just only after practicing MMA with some 185lbs boxers like Chris Weidman did I realize how strength’s gap would look like. Therefore, I have to gain more and more weight with the viewing to upranking.” – Thompson shared.

The American boxer added more about his possibility of upranking to new levels: “At this moment, it is still impossible however, we can not ensure anything about the future. What I mean is that if Israel Adesanya still remains his championship, I will take this under serious consideration.