The MMA legend taking part in ONE Championship recently uploaded a post on his Insta account with the theme of motivation. However, to his old fans, it was not just simply a motivating picture.

Vitor Belfort used to be well-known for his vicious fighting style, which is a little bit violent. However, when other boxers opt for safer boxing style when the old age arrives, Belfort still kept his crazy boxing style like that throughout his professional boxing career.

Een though, since TRT was put on the list of dangrous banned substandes, it is not hard to realize how his muscle has greatly changed, not as beefy as previously, and his competing style also has also changed a lot. This is also the reason why this Brazil MMA legend came to the decision to quit his boxing career in 2018.

During the recent time, after signing contract with ONE Championship, Vitor became a different person with more beefy muscles and looks even more violent and wilder than the previous stage. Many people thought that it stands the chance in ONE Championship, TRT is still not considered as a banned substance and this is also the reason why Vitor Belfort’s heart for competing in MMA tournament beats again. 

A fey days ago, Vitor Belfort uploaded a training picture on his Insta. The content of his status was not actually shocking or surprising as it was all about that he will compete again. The only thing that make MMA fans surprised is the last slogan in his status:”T-eam R-un T-oghether”.

Why did Vitor have to bold all these sensitive thought-provoking words like that? Or is he trying to get across a special message? It can only be known that Vitor Belfort is not a cheater as there have never been any announcement about that TRT being put into the banned substances list.