Rules and Regulations of MMA

While there are no standard rules and regulations for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), there are some basics that should be adhered to when engaging in MMA. If there is an event, the organizers must ensure that the people who are fighting in the match know what is expected of them.

The Rules and Regulations

  • Consider the weight: It does not matter where you are fighting from, one of the MMA rules is that you have to fight within your weight. For instance, if you are a lightweight who is 240 pounds, you cannot be paired to fight with someone who is 250 pounds. If you do not get a match for your weight, then you may have to be disqualified until you get someone of your weight.
  • How to Fight: As much as you are allowed to mix combat with martial arts when fighting in MMA, there are some rules on how to go about it. Some of the things you are not allowed to do when fighting are:
  • No attacks on the groin.
  • No strikes on the spine or back of the head.
  • No hitting the head of a grounded opponent using your knees.
  • No gouging the eyes.
  • No butts on the head as they do in soccer.
  • No throwing your opponent out of the cage or ring as they do in professional wrestling.
  • No manipulation of the toes or fingers.
  • No grabbing of the ring or cage intentionally to gain leverage over your opponent.

These rules are meant to ensure that there is fairness when engaging with the sport. Without some of these rules and regulations, players would get injured, and there can even be a possibility of death if there is nobody to control how things are done. People who break the rules are often disqualified and may be banned from future competitions.