Rules and Regulations of Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that is played in most parts of the world. These fighting tournaments are organized by promoters and other organizations. This competition is a fight game and therefore needs some rules to ensure the safety of the fighters. These rules may differ from one fighting competition to another. Some of the principal regulations which must be observed are weight classes, ways of ending a match and no-no’s during a fight.

Weight Classes

All fighters in a Mixed Martial Arts competition are only allowed to take part in a match of their weight class. For instance, a fighter weighing 250 pounds cannot be allowed to compete with a fighter weighing 160 pounds. If a fighter applies for a match and does not make the weight, the match organizers might end up disqualifying or fining the fighter.

No-No’s in a Fight

Some of the rules in MMA are universal and must be followed in all the matches. These rules are contained in the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. Here are some of the no-no’s rules.

  • Groin attacks are not allowed.
  • One should not strike opponents at the back of their heads or their spine.
  • No biting other opponents.
  • They should not pull each other’s hair.
  • Fighters should not grab the throat of another fighter.

Correct Ways of Ending a Match

  • Decisions

This occurs when a match has lasted all rounds. Points are then issued by three judges to decide the winner of the match.

  • Disqualification

A fighter can be disqualified after making three illegal moves in the match. A fighter can also be disqualified if they injure their opponent using an illegal move that looked intentional.

  • Forfeit

A fighter can quit the match if injured.

  • Knockout

This is if a fighter loses consciousness in a match.

  • No contest

This is done if both fighters are found guilty of violating the rules.