Tyson Fury revealed his emotional text with “competitor” on social media Dillian Whyte

These days, Dillian Whyte and Tyson Fury are on their full mind to dispute with each other on social media. There are just very few people who know that Tyson Fury used to send very touchingly supporting texts to Whyte.

Tyson Fury recently revealed some touching texts that he used to send to the one who is now considered to be his biggest competitor Dillian Whyte – the one who is continuously challenging Tyson towards the championship of WBC recently. In 2019, Dillian Whyte has been accused of using banned substances and now sentences a ban from 4 to 8 years.

Everything has turned into worse condition when Dillian Whyte, luckily, there was a London boxer proved him to be innocent, therefore, he was given the allowance to compete again. This was also the time when Dillian Whyte was given much criticism, even due to this scandal, he has lost his precious slot to compete for the championship prize with the present champion at that time Deontay Wilder.

Realizing the hard position of this peer during those days, Tyson Fury sent a cheering text to Dillian: “Hi mate, just seen an interview with you and you seem a bit down in yourself, keep your chin up pal as you did well last night with everything that’s been going up with you, all that bullshit f*ck up your mind, put it all behind you and smash 2020 this will be your year. God bless.

Tyson Fury said: “This is the text that I sent to Dillian Whyte on December after the match between him and Mariusz Wach. I was really worried for him, therefore I sent him this text.”