Covid-19 is one of the most dangerous pandemics throughout human history. It has made a huge impact on every sports field, including MMA and CFU. 


Sports exercises and worldwide tournaments, as well as champions, have come to an indefinite end. Even though MMA is predicted to be back to the business as quickly as possible, it’s high time for MMA fans to gain more knowledge about top fighters who can surprise your mind because of their strength and ability.

No. 7: Frank Mir

Frank Mir got a tough appearance who looks intimidating most of the time. This fearful look makes him always ready for every fight and the apocalypse. 


Jor Rogan, who is a prestigious mixed martial art color color commentator, once said that if Frank Mir fell down a flight of stairs it would set off a firework show of gunshots. 


Frank Mir is a former UFC heavyweight champion who used to be really successful through his MMA career. This champion whose height is 6-foot-3 is totally not the one who anyone can mess around with. He is famous for his tactical skills, vigorous body, and immense strength.


No. 6: Corey Anderson


Ranked the 6th position is Corey Anderson. Corey Anderson is an American mixed martial artist who has currently competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Throughout his fighting career, Corey has earned a lot of title and championship, for example, he was the light heavyweight winner on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn. As of March 2, 2020, he is ranked 5th in the UFC light heavyweight rankings.


The most remarkable features of Corey Anderson is his work ethic, hunting, and great punching skills. 


Corey Anderson is recognized as one of the cast members of the 19th The Ultimate Fighter season, who is coached by Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn.