Tiger Muay Thai – From the small-sized martial arts villages to the famous place to train the most successful champions

The success of Tiger Muay Thai comes from the big vision thoughts of the most dedicated people, which other local martial arts firms should gain experience to step out to the world.

When it comes to Tiger Muay Thai, people often mention a famous state-of-the-art training class in Thailand. Not only being comfortable for boxers, Tiger Muay Thai also owns a large number of high-qualified coaches and boxers, which turned it into a reliable destination for a number of world champions boxers.
It is hardly known that all of that was started in a remote area called Chalong, a small town on Phuket Island.

The first days of tiger muay thai
In 2005, an American named William McNamara came to Phuket with the viewing to relaxing and practicing Muay Thai. But instead of finding an already-available training classes, McNamara decided to open a new one for himself at Soi Ta-iad. From here, the story of Tiger Muay Thai begins.

With two Boxing stations, which were Tiger Muay and Soi Ta-iad and a few sandbags under a thatched roof, the road on which this class is located has not yet become a busy residence with rows of restaurants, hotels. At that time, it has yet got the nickname “Fitness Street” as nowadays. Soi Ta-iad was still a small tourist destination with a few restaurants and small motels within the distance of only 1.5 km.

Despite the fact that this class was not the first Muay training class in Phuket, a special feature of Tiger Muay is its owner. Apart from Muay Thai, McNamara also loves MMA, therefore he decided to add some MMA training to the club program. And from here, Tiger Muay began to gain more attraction from Western fighters.