The strong 40-year-old MMA fighter: Punch his opponent to the hospital when he comes back after 4 years


Daisuke Nakamura, a 40-year-old Japanese martial artist, returns after 4 years with an instant victory.
His time in wrestling influenced the fashion style of Daisuke Nakamura. If the other opponents are all wearing match shorts, he wears a triangular pair, just adding a wrap around it is like “loincloth”.

The costume that follows the veteran fighter in almost every match from wrestling to mixed martial arts, it makes him a Japanese MMA legend. Playing a total of 46 MMA matches (won 28, lost 18), the 40-year-old boxer was the champion of light weight (66–70 kg) in DEEP arena.
After 4 consecutive defeats, most recently against Tsogookhuu Amarsanaa in 2016, Nakamura stopped playing for exactly 4 years and recently he has made the MMA village in the country of Cherry Blossom wake up with an impressive return to the ring.
DEEP 97 Impact event in Tokyo, Japan on 20/9 welcomed the return of Nakamura, he returned to the match with Tatsunao Nagakura (36 years old). The first half ended in equilibrium, at the 16th second of the second half, the 40-year-old legend released a precise punch that caused the opponent to collapse.
The medical staff quickly went to the working stage, and when the first aid was finished they immediately transferred Nagakura to the hospital. Currently, the 36-year-old puncher’s health has stabilized. With the 29th victory of his MMA career, the 40-year-old boxer confidently affirmed that he will continue to return to the ring to give the audience more beautiful knockouts.