The most gorgeous boxer in the MMA world left the UFC and immediately turned into a rich millionaire

The UFC has seen arisen with a lot of controversy over the past few months from the boxers, revolving around how poorly paid they are by its chairman, Dana White, in comparison with the recent economic benefits they bring to the world’s No. 1 MMA company. The boxers have invited each other to leave the organization to join other MMA companies, causing UFC to face a star crisis.
Among those who left was Paige VanZant, an American female boxer who not only earned a pretty good record in her career (8 wins in 15 matches) but was also a successful fighter  thanks to her gorgeous appearance. In addition to martial arts competitions, VanZant also works as a photo model and has appeared in a number of television shows.
Several months ago VanZant complained about her being underpaid by the UFC and possibly leaving the company. After losing to Amanda Ribas at UFC 251 months ago, VanZant officially left UFC and quickly found a company willing to treat her better.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship specializes in promoting bare-handed martial arts events and has welcomed many celebrities and even invited boxing legend Mike Tyson.
VanZant told MMA Fighting magazine that she just signed a million-dollar contract with BKFC and that she will have the chance to attend both MMA and boxing matches without losing her opportunity to model.
In the near future, she will be the cover face for the annual special issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, the American sports magazine famous for its annual bikini photos of beauties & sports models.

“I am very pleased not just because of what they will bring me financially,” VanZant said. “I’ve always thought yes, I’m a good martial artist, but I’m also talented in many other aspects of life and want to take advantage of that talent. And BKFC is ready to give me that ability.”

“They said I will have the opportunity to comment, do talk shows, model photos, participate in outside events, and promote the image of the company. For them, me and many boxers. The difference here is not just the athletes “.