The most expensive boxer in the world “tears” the contract of 365 million USD just because of “honor”

Boxer Canelo Alvarez became a free fighter when he agreed to be released from a contract worth $ 365 million.

Canelo Alvarez, 30, a Mexican, became the fighter with the most valuable contract on the planet with the amount of 365 million USD, when he signed a contract (image copyright) with a media company called DAZN. The contract is a desire not only for Alvarez but also many other sports stars who are also very coveted, but “in the blanket, I know the blanket has lice”.
“Canelo”, a four-weight world champion and considered one of the “boxing kings”, filed a civil petition against his promoter and broadcasting partner in September 2020. The reason that the promoters of Golden Boy Promotions and the DAZN broadcast partner did not implement the terms of the 11-match agreement each signed in 2018.
A 30-year-old boxer has to compete to earn money (about 35 million USD per game, 2 matches year), but he has not been able to play since November 2019. Since that time, Alvarez, Golden Boy and DAZN could not agree on the next opponent for the Mexican puncher and did not play could not ask for money.
According to Dailymail, after the latest negotiations, representatives of Alvarez and Golden Boy have confirmed that the 30-year-old puncher is released from the $ 365 million contract. Alvarez was the one filing the lawsuit and his wish has been fulfilled. Many people will wonder why “break” such a lucrative contract, but as a famous boxer, a Mexican puncher wants to play but does not want to be the “eat not sit”.