The MMA legend Undertaker quit his career after 30 years of competing

After 30 years of donating to WWE, the legend boxer The Undertaker finally give up the boxing ring and say goodbye to his professional boxing career.

In the lastest episode of the documentary “The Last Ride”, the boxing legend Mark Calaway, who is also known as The Undertaker has annouced to give up his professinal boxing career and stay away from this field.

Being well-known in the boxing field with the impressive image of “Dead Man”, Mark has donated his effort and time to WWE since 1990 when this firm was known with the first time of WWF. Undergoing more than 30 years together with WWE, finally, The Undertaker had to say his goodbye with mixed feelings: “There were a lot of thoughts, puzzles and feelings inside me. One of them was that whether I am pleasant with what I am doing or not? If I have to choose the most perfect, suitable period to say the last goodbye, then this might be the one.”

However, on the other hand, The Undertaker might not say his final goodbye to WWE, as he still has the possibility of continuing his competitions in WWE under the condition that The WWE President Vince McMahon wants him to. In WWE, The Undertaker is the boxer who gain the most respect from other boxers in the cloth changing room. If Vince McMahon is the important person who helped WWE reach new goals and earn a lot of success then The Undertaker is the one who kept the order and rules of WWE cloth changing room.

The Undertaker – the “big brother: of the cloth changing room were always there to solve all the problems arriving to maintain the security of the whole firm. Therefore, thanks to his great responsibility as well as enthusiasm, The Undertaker and Vince McMahon have become each other’s soulmates.