The famous 31-year-old American boxer Chapman, who is also known as the MMA ”beast”, was shot dead on the street nearby his house in Ohio, America at the night of the 7th, April.

According to the report of lieutenant Michael Miller, the local police has received an emergency call about a shot taking place in Akron. When the police arrived on the scene, they found a 30-year-old man laying down on the street with a lot of injuries caused by shots. This man after was taken to hospital but then found dead.

After many investment, the local police confirmed that the patient was the famous MMA boxer Isaiah Chapman. Other members of Chapman’ family recently confirmed Chapman’s death by sharing the news about the death of short lived MMA boxer publicly. These posts were then received many solace and condolences from friends, American MMA boxers and fans all around the world.

Former MMA boxer Chapman firstly started his career as a professional boxer in 2012. Throughout his career, there were total 13 matches that he were in the ring and only 4 of them were failed. The last MMA match of his life took place on the 26th, October 2019 in Bellator 232. During this match, he was defeated by boxer Patchy Mix on the first round.

This accident has been a shocking news for American MMA in specific and for the worldwide MMA on the whole. 3 years ago, an intermediate-level MMA, who was Aaron Raijman was also found dead after being shot by a group of strangers in his private whereabout in Boca Raton, Florida.

The unfortunate death of Chapman has leaved his family and friends with inconsolable grief, especially sadness for his wife and 3 young kids.