The doctor is additionally uninterested with the acute physical appearance of ‘old man UFC’ Yoel Romero

The story from BLV Joe Rogan adds to the supernatural physical specialties of the medium-sized general Yoel Romero.In a professional and highly competitive arena like MMA, it’s not uncommon for boxers to compete until the age of 40, because this is often often the time when their body doesn’t allow the methodof coaching – cutting.

weigh and play hard. However, there are still a couple of exceptions like Daniel Cormier, Randy Couture or Alistair Overeem are ready to maintain the streak. However, compared to all or any of the names above, the semi-average senior general Yoel Romero remains more different.At the age of 43, Yoel Romero still possesses a unprecedented physique with massive muscle mass. Unlike many colleagues who show a slow movement in each move, “The Soldier of God” maintains the weather of speed – fitness – strength – endurance and tactics perfectly.Recently, during a podcast program, BLV Joe Rogan shared a behind-the-scenes story of the UFC, continuing to point out that Romero’s “hegemony” physique is additionally endorsed by doctors.”Have you heard me mention Romero?” Joe Rogan introduces the subject of Cuban puncher. “President Dana White told me about this news. They took Yoel Romero to the hospital due to a fracture in his socket bone after a match for the doctors to look at.“The doctor had to call up the UFC staff and say, ‘Where did you discover this man? i have never seen anyone like him. “”Of course, he’s an excellent athlete.” – UFC staff skilled Romero’s astounding physical doctor’s answer.“No, I mean I’ve never seen an individual like this before. this is oftenthe foremostanomaly I’ve seen in my 40 years within the profession. ” – The doctor continued.”The doctor said that the tendons in Romero’s eyes are fourfold larger than normal, the Cuban senior’s structure is different from anyone he has seen.”Next »