Being accused of 2 guilties at the same time, Jon Jones has been on risk of being on court the second time on his career.

According to the latest news from the Albuquerque office, New Mexico, America, the current UFC champion Jon Jones was arrested as he had been accused of using stimulants while driving. Apart from that, he has now been under investigation of being involved in a shooting event at the same time. 

Also according to the narrations of a local police, he heard of a loud shooting sound in his management area while on duty at around 1 a.m. The police confirmed to see Jon Jones, at this time, being with his peers on their Jeep. After being invested, police found out there was a bottle of wine being half drunk on the behind chair. More seriously, after investing, they also found out 1 short gun on the floor behind the passenger’s seat and a handgun under the driver’s seat nearby.

At that moment, Jon Jones’s manager has not yet to bring any comments about this event and UFC also made a relevant statement:” At this moment, we are considering other related issues about arresting Jon Jones recently. We will try to keep in touch with Jon Jones and his manager to gather more detailed information.”

In conclusion, Jon Jones has been facing his third time being accused of being involved in illegal issues since he became the UFC champion. In 2015, he once had to stand behind the bars after his car caused an accident with a pregnant woman then ran away. In July, 2019, Jon Jones continued to be accused of sexually assault a female staff in a bar, however, at that time, he did not to be sentenced.