Strange good luck ritual of ‘Prince of Poland’ Jan Blachowicz on the threshold of UFC 253

Jan Blachowicz’s strange and somewhat creepy way of luck can help him ascend to gain the throne at UFC 253?
UFC 253 on September 27th, Jan Blachowicz – “Prince of Poland” will enter the semi-heavy title battle with rival Dominick Reyes, the match will decide the throne owner by Jon Jones to empty.
In the vlog ahead of UFC 253, Jan Blachowicz said he used to go into the forest on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland to touch a rope – where he had found a man who had hanged himself before, The “ritual” he reveals he still does before each match.
According to the Polish boxer, the rope is like a lucky charm that Jan says “is 90% effective every time you start this habit.”

“When I found out he was dead, I called the police to report the incident. Upon arriving, an officer asked if I had taken away some of the hanging rope. ” – Jan reported the incident. “Because when you find a hangman, you will take a piece of rope from him for good luck, the officer told me. This is indeed an old, word-of-mouth concept, I tried to find it out on the Internet.
Not only was Jan Blachowicz said, there were indeed records of similar “beliefs” in hang ropes:
“In the 1880s, medical students in Paris used to sell the ropes still attached to the necks of suicide victims when they were transferred to the hospital, the act at that time was still not considered to be weird.”