Scenario dazed: Wrestling wife “locked lips” of her husband’s opponent

Publicly “locking the lips” with her husband’s opponent when they both finished, the beauty shocked the WWE audience.
Stories related to adultery in life or in sports are no longer new topics, but after many controversy of sports superstars it is spontaneously mentioned. In this regard, the beauty Lana, wife of WWE wrestler, Rusev, was mentioned recently as a hot story behind the scenes.

In October 2019 Rusev faced rival Bobby Lashley on the WWE wrestling floor and was defeated. Not only Rusev was easily subdued by the opponent, after witnessing his husband Rusev being defeated, his wife Lana immediately “fell in love” with Lashley. When her husband was still writhing and in pain on the ring, the beauty went up to hug the opponent and the two exchanged a passionate kiss.
WWE is originally a performance wrestling arena, there are always scenarios that make people surprised, but the scenario for the wife to “betray” her husband in front of many audiences like Lana is little thought of. Before that, Lana used to “act” scripted kissing with Dolph Ziggler, but her passionate kiss with Bobby Lashley really surprised people.
Rusev and Lana are a famous couple of wrestlers, they officially came together since 2015. Viewers who have watched WWE for a long time can see that this pair often appears on the ring and creates scenarios. no one expected. This time, they shocked the audience when Rusev accepted as a defeated general, watching his wife kiss his opponent.
In an exclusive interview with SunSport, Rusev (real name Miroslav Barnyashev) admitted he and Lana need to make adjustments to maintain their marriage.