Randy Couture, Former American special forces: Won 19 MMA fighters

To describe the power of a US soldier or special forces, Randy Couture – a former Air Force sergeant is one of the most typical models. He served in the US military for 6 years (1982 – 1988), thanks to the period of professional training, the army of 55-year-old men had a full physical fitness and possessed countless martial art.

Randy won the national wrestling championship in his senior year in high school, which helped him become a prominent American soldier. In the army, he learned more Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing and many other modern martial arts such as BJJ, Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate … with a solid foundation trained in the army helped him become a legend of mixed martial arts village MMA in general and UFC arena in particular
Before coming to MMA, legend Randy wrestled. He won the national championship in the Greco-Roman wrestling tournament in 1991 in the weight class under 90kg in the same year he won the whole of America. In 1997 at the age of 34 “The Natural” (Randy’s nickname, roughly translated) became involved in mixed martial arts MMA, this was the decision to help him become a warrior known worldwide.

Over 30 matches on the MMA floor, he won 19 matches, lost 11. In the largest martial arts arena in the UFC, the American legend played 24 games and won 16. He won the heavyweight championship three times, twice became the “king” of the lower heavyweight and held 1 lower heavy belt (provisional), thus becoming the first to win 2 weight classes at UFC.

The MMA career of the American martial arts legend is full of other numbers, which will be very long. It is clear that former boxer Randy Couture is a living testament to the strength of a soldier, a US special task force. The years of training in the military have helped them become dangerous fighter, ready to win any opponent.