Top MMA Fights of All Time

Mixed martial arts has undoubtedly come a long way over the years, to now becoming a mainstream sport in various counties across the world. During this time, there have been fights which were exciting and impactful in the competition. Some of the top MMA fights of all time are highlighted below.

Royce Gracie Against Gerald Gordeau

This fight took place on the 12 November 1993, in Denver, USA. It was the finals of the first UFC tournament championship and was the third contest for each of the fighters that night. Gerard had won his previous two matches with quick technical knockouts within the first rounds. Gracie was the smaller man but had jiu-jitsu skills, which he used to win his first two fights via submission. Gracie won the match using a choke submission.

Don Frye Vs Yoshihiro Takayama

This fight took place on the 23 June 2002, in Saitama, Japan. It was recorded as the toughest fight of the year and has remained to be one of the most memorable battles ever. What made it an extraordinary fight was more the level of toughness and heart the fighters put in the game, rather than the skills and techniques. By the end of the first six minutes, Takayama could not endure the non-stop aggression anymore and lost the match via a TKO.

Forrest Griffin Vs Stephan Bonnar

This fight took place on the 9 April 2005 in Las Vegas, USA. It is considered among the most critical bouts in MMA history. What was at stake included the Ultimate Fighter Season 1 Championship and a six-figure contract. The fight was aired live, and its success was what would determine whether there would be additional seasons or not. The entire fight was filled with action, and eventually, Griffin won via a popular decision.