The USA’s Most Decorated MMA Fighters

Mixed martial arts comprises of several weight classes, and dozens of fighters compete in each of the categories. Of all the fighters, some have displayed exemplary performance over time and won several titles. Some of the most decorated United States MMA fighters are highlighted below.

Jonathan Dwight Jones

Commonly referred to as Jon Jones, he is signed with the UFC and is regarded to be among the greatest MMA fighters in the world. He holds the top position in the UFC pound-for-pound rankings. He is a two-time undisputed champion of the UFC Light Heavyweight category, having held the title first in 2011 to 2015 and the second time in 2018 to date. Some of the other titles which he owns include the most wins, most title defenses, most submission victories, and the longest win streak.

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier is an MMA fighter who was formerly an Olympic wrestler. He is a former world champion of division two, and he has held the world, light heavyweight, and heavyweight championships simultaneously. Daniel is the second of only four fighters to have ever simultaneously held titles in different weight classes. He is also the only fighter to have ever defended titles in two weight categories.

Demetrious Khrisna Johnson

Demetrious started by being a freestyle wrestler before he got into professional mixed martial arts. He is currently the champion of the flyweight category in the UFC. One of his best records is that of the longest championship reign, which lasted 11 title defenses. He also holds the record for the most takedowns in the flyweight and the latest finish ever in the history of UFC. The finish was a submission win in the fifth round with the clock at 4:59. Demetrious is also the only fighter in UFC to record more than ten takedowns in three fights.