“Mike Tyson MMA” knock-out terrifying, “Godfather” UFC couldn’t believe his eyes

 UFC President has just said that there was a Tyson appeared within the village of MMA general fighting in America. On 9/9 within the US, the event Dana White’s Contender Series: Season 4 happened attractively in Las Vegas. Add the Contender Series event is that the “backyard” of the UFC arena, this is often the place for President Dana White to select out the simplest punchers to play at the UFC. After 9/9 events, the 51-year-old had a rare experience when he said that he had just watched a “scariest” game. The event has 5 matches happening and 25-year-old boxer – Tafon Nchukwi (Cameroon) is that the only person signed by the “Godfather UFC” to compete.
“This guy (Nchukwi) jogs my memory of a Tyson-type character. He won all 4 professional games and won 100% knock-out. i have never seen the last 3 games, but the last show. is that the scariest knockout I’ve ever seen, “Dana White signed and expressed admiration for puncher Cameroon. White added to ESPN: “I do not know what more you’ll get out of this star-stardom. he’s aggressive, strong, and passionate. Having to play against an experienced opponent, but Nchukwi played without worryingthat is the bravery of the champion, I signed him. Nchukwi, who White calls “the new Mike Tyson” are going to be playing for the UFC at subsequent events, after defeating Al Matavao (USA) with a second-half kick at the Contender Series on 9 September. After officially becoming a UFC fighter, Nchukwi has the chance to form tons of cash and become the world-known stars like McGregor, Khabib, Diaz.