Controversial victories at the UFC

In the UFC, the referee’s decisions make a great influence on the final results that take place in all 5 rounds. Sometimes, the fighter’s performance is totally different from their score being given by the referee.
The fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway (UFC 251, 7/11)

The match triggered the indignation of many MMA fans after the referee’s decision to turn Volkanovski into the final winner. Holloway knocked his opponent down successfully twice in the first half and started to take the lead in score. American boxers gained more hits than Volkanovski after 3 innings, 31-20, 34-26, 25-22 respectively. Holloway repeatedly kicked the opponent accurately, but the total score after 5 innings and aggressive fighting style of Volkanovski helped him to win the final.
The fight between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks (UFC 167, 2013). Most fans at that time believed that Hendricks would be the winner and possess the mid-range title. According to post-match statistics, the former Canadian boxer only possessed higher number of strong impact attacks than his opponents (45.7% vs. 43.8%). While Hendricks has a higher hit count (56.3% vs. 51%), the hit rate is just the same as St.Pierre’s, and once nearly forced his opponent to surrender. Hendricks no longer had a chance to rematch after St.Pierre.’s retirement.
The fight between Quinton Jackson and Lyoto Machida (UFC 123, 2010). Jackson himself was also surprised when he successfully won against his Brazilian opponent. According to post-match statistics, Machida has a higher number of hits and high impact hits than his opponent. Although Machida outperformed Jackson, president Dana White agreed with the referee’s decision and refused to hold a rematch.