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Strange good luck ritual of ‘Prince of Poland’ Jan Blachowicz on the threshold of UFC 253

Jan Blachowicz’s strange and somewhat creepy way of luck can help him ascend to gain the throne at UFC 253? UFC 253 on September

The most gorgeous boxer in the MMA world left the UFC and immediately turned into a rich millionaire

The UFC has seen arisen with a lot of controversy over the past few months from the boxers, revolving around how poorly paid they

Kamaru Usman received more than $500,000 after taking part in UFC 251

According to the UFC, the semi-mid-tier champion Kamaru Usman is the highest-paid fighter at UFC 251, after successfully defeating Jorge Masvidal. Despite being defeated

MMA coach Manny Pacquiao: ‘Why should you lower your own prices and enrich a nonsense guy like Conor?’

Despite the fact that both of this MMA players belong to the same management company, it seems that Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao are

Masvidal transformed himself into a mummy to lose weight

UFC BMF belt keeper Jorge Masvidal had to lose more than 9 kg within just 6 days to be eligible to play against Kamaru

Controversial victories at the UFC

In the UFC, the referee’s decisions make a great influence on the final results that take place in all 5 rounds. Sometimes, the fighter’s

Kamaru Usman received over 500,000 USD after UFC 251

Being revealed by UFC, middleweight champion Kamaru Usman is the highest paid fighter at UFC 251, after winning against Jorge Masvidal.Despite the fact of

Bellator MMA showed its interest in the gorgeous boxer being abandoned from UFC

Although the future in UFC is quite unclear, the beautiful Paige Vanzant still has a door at Bellator MMA which is waiting for her.Back

Dana White: No need to rush, we’re ready to wait for Khabib

The comeback of Khabib Nurmagomedov after his father’s death remained as a question which cause a lot of concern to UFC at the present

Tiger Muay Thai – From the small-sized martial arts villages to the famous place to train the most successful champions

The success of Tiger Muay Thai comes from the big vision thoughts of the most dedicated people, which other local martial arts firms should