Jorge Masvidal is known as the sassiest MMA boxer of the world. Masvidal even made most fearful gangsters to scare of himself. 

Jorge Masvidal is going to have the rare chance to compete with Conor McGregor, one of the most UFC prestigious boxer at this time. To talk about Masvidal, people have always rabbled about the American 35-year-old boxing legend who knocked down 3 guardian dudes in a London club 1 year ago.

Actually, Jorge Masvidal owns the most outstanding character among MMA boxers. Used to be well-known for public street fights before becoming a professional boxer, Jorge MAsvidal is given the nickname of “gangster MMA” in the MMA field. Since the match with Nate Diaz, the brawl with Leon Edwards in London UFC, Masvidal has always showed the “gangster” blood inside his body.

The infamous brawl took place at the beginning of this 2020. Many witnesses who turned up at the fight scene of Jorge Masvidal, were Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping. Recently, Chael Sonnen once again made a detailed report about the over-sassy level of Masvidal.

“At this time, Jorge was at a nightclub in London, he was wearing a gold necklace chain. And I remembered seeing 2 dudes approaching closer to Jorge, one of them started the joke by touching naughtily Jorge’s gold chain.” Sonnen told the full story to The Sun magazine. 

Of course, at that time, Jorge himself can not figure out what exactly had been happening. Based on my speculations, I think these guys were trying to stole Jorge’s chain. Immediately, Jorge utilized his legendary boxing punch to knock down the dude who was touching his chain. Another punch for the other dude and just by seconds, 2 dudes who looked like monsters fall down the floor.”