180kg “Green Giant” shook MMA, sending words to “Godfather” UFC

Athletes with a body like a “giant” want to switch to UFC’s tall boxers.
Sajad Gharibi, a 28-year-old man, is a famous figure in Iran thanks to his remarkable physique. He is often called “Iran Green Giant” by fans, or “Héc-Quyn of Persia” thanks to his height of 1m88 and his weight up to 180 kg.
Originally from an athlete and won a lot of achievements in wrestling, the 28-year-old boxer had repeatedly wanted to become a puncher, but no one agreed to fight him. Last year, he challenged “Brazilian Hulk” Romario dos Santos Alves and “The Monster of the Gym” Martyn Ford, but no competition has yet taken place.

In fact, if the Covid-19 epidemic had not raged, perhaps one of the two above-mentioned martial arts might have happened, because Gharibi himself was also the victim of the virus. He was once positive for Covid-19, but recovered quickly thanks to his better physique.
After recovering from the illness, the 28-year-old athlete was more determined to switch to MMA competition. Through social networks, recently “Green Giant Iran” has expressed that determination.
“Small and skinny guys bored me. Dana White (UFC President) give me a match in the super heavy. Trust me! It will be a confrontation not to be missed. Very ready. Just tell me who is right for me and the venue.
I will step into the octagon and do my best. I don’t hit for fun. Anyway, I think the rules of the game should be changed a bit since I can’t guarantee that my opponent can leave the ring alive. Next month, I will announce my rival to the fans, “Gharibi addressed the UFC president through his personal page.