10 days of preparation, Slovak boxers only need 1 minute to knockout on the UFC’s launch day

Taking the opportunity to launch UFC with just 10 days of preparation, Slovak boxer Ludovit Klein still has a quick knockout.
On the eve of UFC 253, the tournament received bad news when one of their boxers – Nate Landwher was infected with COVID-19 and was forced to withdraw from the event with only 10 days left.

This made the UFC very confusing in finding a replacement, however, their new contract Ludovit Klein immediately seized the opportunity. Slovakian boxer accepted Landwher’s position against Shane Young in light.
Having made no mistake, Ludovit Klein quickly approached when the bell rang. And in a squeeze, a left-foot ball kick and precision punches helped him get a knockout phase on the day of the UFC debut.
With this series of attacks, Ludovit is naturally one of the candidates for the title “Knockout of The Night”. The UFC rookie only took 1 minute and 17 seconds to defeat the opponent.
Winning Shane Young, Ludovit Klein increased his performance on the MMA floor to 17 wins – 2 losses and joined the Lightweight Boxers – the UFC’s top fierce weight class.
UFC 253 opened the second series of events of the tournament at Fight Island – Fight Island. With the desire to organize continuous matches from UFC and risks from COVID-19, there will certainly be more surprise appearances like Ludovit Klein at UFC 253.
UFC 253 ended with two title matches, two perfect knockouts with scenarios that will surprise many fans and maybe even … disappoint.