Welcome to Mixed Martial Arts in the USA

Fans of this now popular sport will enjoy this website, as we cover every aspect of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the USA, with in-depth and entertaining articles. Let’s take a look at what you can find here.

What is MMA?

Always the best place to start is an introduction to the sport. Discover which disciplines are involved and where the action takes place. We move on to explain its growth in popularity across the world, and how it has lost its original negative image.

MMA in the USA

Those who enjoy American MMA will enjoy reading the articles in this section, and in particular, learning about the three greatest fights in its history. As if that wasn’t enough, we delve into who the most decorated MMA fighters are.

The History of Mixed Martial Arts

How and where did the sport of mixed martial arts actually begin? Wonder no longer, as we have all the answers! Learn about its evolution and how it stands today. You can discover its strange relationship with China, Greece and India.

Rules and Regulations

To understand this thrilling sport, you should get to grips with the rules and regulations, of which there are many. Understanding the weight categories is essential, and also, what you are not allowed to do during the fight. There are also only certain ways in which a match can be ended, and we list them here.

We hope you learn something new about MMA in the USA and revisit us soon for more action.